Nunca Duerma

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    Detroit born, part-time Seattle transplant, Michigan-raised producer Nunca Duerma resides currently in Chicago (the bustling hotbed for Midwest artists, musicians, and other up-and-comers), and his brand of original, sample-based, hip-hop/electronica is a natural byproduct of his life in the city.

    A multi-instrumentalist from a young age, Nunca Duerma (Tahif Attiek) combines elements of traditional hip-hop, jazz, funk, and electronica in a way that elicits instant head-bobbing from even the most apprehensive electronic music listener. Paired with a unique approach to live performance—including live sampling, original productions, lead synths, and frequent collaborations with other artists—Nunca Duerma brings a fresh new image to the live-electronic scene that is likely far ahead of its time.

    2013 will serve as an exciting year with a recent signing on Eliot Lipp’s “progressively minded beat music imprint” (Beatport) Old Tacoma Records. His debut, a solo EP named "Dilated" highlighting feature tracks from his last year in Chicago. (Old Tacoma, Nov 6th 2012)

    Meaning “never sleep” in Spanish, Nunca Duerma’s music brings to mind a clear night sky among towering buildings, speeding cars on a busy highway, and streaking trails of light in a time-lapsed photo. A wonderfully modern soundtrack for a city with a sordid history, this Chicago beat maker is well on his way to progressing contemporary electronic music.